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Mudra Loan/ Mudra Scheme is the golden scheme of Mudra Bank for poor/ Weaker people. With Mudra Bank Loan anyone can start business, it is collateral Free loan.

What is MUDRA Bank?

Micro Units Development and Refinance Agency Bank (MUDRA Bank), is a new institution setup by the Government of India for development of micro units and refinance of MFIs to encourage entrepreneurship in India & provide the funding to the non corporate small business sector.

It had announced by the Finance Minister in Parliament during Union Budget session in FY 2016.

It has two type of products like refinance for the micro-units having loan requirement from Rs 50 thousand to 10 lakhs and support of Micro Finance Institutions (MFI) for on landing.

MUDRA Bank will refinance to micro-business under the scheme of Pradhan Mantri MUDRA Bank Yojana.

What is MUDRA Scheme?

Under the guideline of Pradhan Mantri MUDRA Scheme, MUDRA Bank has launched three initiative product to the name of SHISHU, KISHOR & TARUN to signify the stage of growth and funding needs of the micro units, startups or  entrepreneur.

MUDRA Bank is refinancing through State level institutions, like NBFCs, MFIs, Regional Rural Banks, District Banks, Cooperative Banks, Nationalize Banks, Private Banks, Primary Lending Institutions and other intermediaries.

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What is the Rate of interest of MUDRA Loan?

There is no fix Interest rate of MUDRA loan. According to sources banks are charging around Base Rate + 1% to 7% minimum.

The interest rate can be higher according to risk and customer’s profile and it can be different in all banks. So please check your all nearest bank branches once before apply the MUDRA Loan.

There is no subsidy in PMMY mudra loan. However, if your loan proposal is linked with some Government schemes, wherein the Government is providing capital subsidy, it is also eligible under PMMY mudra loan.

The usual terms and conditions of the lending agency may have to be followed for availing of loans under PMMY. The Interest rates of mudra loan may very bank to bank. Pls visit branch to get current interest rate.

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Who is eligible for MUDRA Bank Loan?

Any Indian who are involve in income generating activities like manufacturing, processing, trading, service sector and whose requirement is under 10 lakh, can approach Banks, MFIs, Financial Institutions or NBFC for availing of MUDRA loans under Pradhan Mantri Mudra Yojana (PMMY).

MUDRA Bank is refinancing agriculture sector under PMMY with traders of vegetables & fruits covers under MUDRA Bank Schemes.

Recently Central Government decides to provide an additional fund of ₹ One Lakh crore to the market and it will be allocate according to below list.

40,000 Crore Rupee for Mudra Bank Shishu Loan Scheme.
35, 000 Crore Rupee for Mudra Bank Kishor Loan Scheme.
25, 000 Crore Rupee for Mudra Bank Tarun Loan Scheme.

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We are getting lots complaints from users that banks are not showing interest to disburse loan under MUDRA scheme. We are working on that issue and found that Banks are not showing interest because it is unsecured & can be NPA at large scale.   

Author:- Jeevan Pant is not belongs to govt. of India or any other MUDRA or any other Govt. agency. We made that website to share experience & exchange information only. MUDRA is not a bank.

It has been constituted to make policy for MUDRA Loan & provide collateral loan to unorganized sectors & individuals.  

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Mudra Bank welcomes central govt. initiative of Demonetization

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Mudra Bank or Mudra Loan is a scheme of Central Govt. Where anyone can apply for Mudra Loan without any collateral.