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Frequently Asked question

Frequently Asked question

Frequently Asked Question:- FAQ

What is MUDRA bank?

Micro Units Development and Refinance Agency Bank (or MUDRA Bank) is a public sector financial institution in India headed by Small Industries Development Bank of India (SIDBI). It provides a loan to micro-finance institutions and non-banking financial institutions which provide credit to MSMEs. It was launched by PM Narendra Modi on 8 April 2015.

Mudra Bank has launched three loan schemes 1. Shishu Loan   2. Kishor Loan   3.  Tarun Loan.

Mudra loan is a collateral free loan & there is no need of any guarantee.

Who can apply for Mudra Loan?

Any Indian resident who wishes to start a business can apply for Mudra loan.

Where can apply for Mudra Loan?

You can apply for mudra loan at any bank branch in India. For more details, you can visit Mudra Bank website or click here

What kind of documents requires f0r Mudra Loan?

Mudra Bank has launched three schemes Shishu, Kishore & Tarun. In Shishu Loan Scheme only basic documents require for mudra bank loan like Address proof, ID proof, bank details, PAN Card etc. More details please click here

How can I check that I am eligible for Mudra Loan?

Mudra loan scheme is open for all Indian Citizens & anyone can apply for Mudra loan but the banks have rights to deny on few bases like your previous financial record & CIBIL record etc. Check your eligibility, please click here

How can I check the Mudra loan Status?

We wish to clarify that there is not standard procedure to check your Mudra loan application status because there is several private and public banks are involved in mudra loan scheme & according to banking policy they never share loan application status. You can visit your base branch to know mudra loan status. Please check our status page for the latest update on Mudra Lona Status.

Our bank branch is not providing Mudra Loan Form, what should I Do?

If your bank is not providing mudra loan scheme from your can download it from the bank’s website or visit to download it. You can visit our application form page to get mudra Shishu loan. Click here to download Mudra loan form.