Mudra Loan Eligibility

Mudra Loan eligibility test

Mudra Loan eligibility test is a feature that gives you clarity & your credit limit details because bank will not disburse mudra loan without it. All banks check the CIBIL report before approval and because Mudra loan is a collateral-free loan, the bank follows the rule strictly.

Mudra Loan eligibility test
Mudra Loan eligibility test

Micro Units Development and Refinance Agency (MUDRA) has finalized the eligibility norms for the partner lending
institutions for the purpose of availing refinance/ finance for on lending to micro units in manufacturing, trading and service sector in rural and urban areas.

The eligible institutions, as indicated below, may approach MUDRA corporate office at First Floor, MSME Development Centre, C-11, G Block, Bandra Kurla Complex, Bandra East, Mumbai – 400 051 or the nodal officers placed across the country.


All scheduled commercial Banks in public and private sector with 3 years of continuous profit track record, net NPAs not exceeding 3%, minimum net worth of Rs.100 cr. and not less than 9% CRAR.


All restructured RRBs having net NPA within 3% ( relaxable in deserving cases), having profitable operations and not carrying any accumulated losses and CRAR >9%.


a. Been in lending to Own Account Enterprises, i.e. micro-units with loan size up to Rs.10 lakh for at least 3 years
and/or the promoters/management having experience of at least 10 years in this area.
b. Having minimum outreach of 3000 existing borrowers for MFIs.
c. Having suitable systems, processes, and procedures such as internal accounting, risk management, internal audit, MIS, cash management, etc.
d. Meeting the minimum CRAR and other norms stipulated by RBI for MFIs registered as NBFC-MFIs and comply all the prevailing RBI guidelines. For all categories of NBFCs, registration with RBI will be mandatory.
e. Should be a member of a Credit Bureau.
f. Rating requirement:
a. MFIs (including NBFC-MFIs) – minimum Capacity Assessment Rating of mfr5 by CRISIL or its equivalent.
b. NBFCs – minimum external rating of BB- for small NBFCs having total portfolio below Rs. 500 crore and
BBB+ for NBFCs having portfolio of Rs. 500 crore or more. For small NBFCs not having the external credit
rating, they should possess satisfactory borrowing arrangements with any Scheduled Commercial Bank
for a minimum of 2 years.
g. Recovery performance: For MFIs : Portfolio at Risk (i.e. overdue more than 30 days) within 5%. For others – Net
NPA not higher than 3%.
h. For all MFIs, it will be desirable to have undergone Code of Conduct Assessment (COCA) with a minimum score of 60 or equivalent.


1. The assistance will be based on internal credit appraisal process by MUDRA / SIDBI.
2. The assistance shall be priced based on risk assessment, geographical distribution, social parameters, etc.
3. The Board of MUDRA shall fix prudential ceilings for lending to various categories of
borrowers as also limits for individual borrower/borrower group in line with RBI
instructions on the subject.
4. The detailed terms of assistance shall be laid down in the loan agreement to be executed with the individual

These parameters are not final for mudra loan eligibility test and may very bank to bank. Now bank are changing its policy regularly and NPA’s are making it tougher. It is basic criteria which help you to understand what is eligibility and how much CIBIL is important to get loan maximum and low interest rate. If your CIBIL and eligibility criteria are low than bank may charge high interest rate on less disburse. We also suggest you to check your all documents carefully and prepare your project report before apply.

Please note MUDRA is a refinancing firm only. There is not fix pagameter to check mudra loan eligibility test and it is very bank to bank.

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Author:- Jeevan Pant


  1. Sir you can’t apply for mudra loan. Mudra loan is only for business startup or business expansions.

    you can apply some other kind of loan like personal loan, House loan, property loan or vehicle loan.

    All the best.

  2. Mudra loan is purely for start business or business process. If you are doing business than you can apply for it.

    Salaried person can apply for another kind of loan like home loan, personal loan, vehicle loan etc.

    Thanks for writing us.


    Team Mudrabank

  3. A salaried person is legible for MUDRA loan sir?

  4. Sir on salary account if i’m applying for MUDRA loan how much loan I can get & what will be the interest rate.

  5. sir maine apply to kiya hai pr pta kaise chalega ki prosses kaha tak pahucha, maine 2 nov. ko apply kiya tha bt av tak koi v respons nahi aaya h, pls help me sir, my contact no. is 9973019648

  6. sir pls help me
    i have all document for aply loan
    but some kind my loan is not submitted….

  7. Shisu mudra loan ke liye Etna sab kuch dena padega. Pm sir.

  8. Niwas praman new telephone bills electricity bill property receipt income tax returns transaction….. Etna sab kaise laye Etne bade hote Toa shayad loan ki jarurat nahi hoti.. .. Suisun mudra loan mai Etne documents kaise manage kare sar aap hi bataiye

  9. Dear sir Please tell me rented Telicome sirf 6mahime hua h shop koa aur stand karne ke loan ke kaun Se documents hona chahiye aur agar Koi documents nahi h Toa kaise hoga us branch manager koa dikhana h mujhe ki help mil sakti h but sir bank manager jisko janta h ussi ko loan deta h….

  10. Dear sir,
    Adahar card, ration card, pan card, driving licence … Ye sab documents h mere pass ek shop Li h rent par par naa hi electricity bill h mere naam Se aggriment Toa h but fir bhi p.m sir ne Toa kaha tha small business purposes loan Bina kisi sarto ke hota h. . Mai bank gaya tha complaints daali bhi thi bank manager ne call bhi Kiya but branch manager ne mana nahi Kiya aur kahan ab complaint wapas lo aur Etne documents doa mujhe….. .. Etna sab kaise possible h pradhanmantri ge ki kahin battein sab galat h…..kisi ko Koi loan nahi milta sirf sirf paiso walo ko hi loan milta h…

  11. Sir my name is dinesh thakur mera kirana store hai José me or badana chahta hun me union bank hargovin enclave branch me gaya tha waha mujhe mana kar diya gaya .kya mujhe loan nahi mil sakta hai pls help me….dinesh thaku

  12. Tea industry lesse purchase wanted to business lone purposes only.

  13. Actually I need loan for a NGO trust which is managed by me. I want to start a bushiness structure in this NGO.can I get loan from mudra bank and how ? Pls tell me procedure and required documents list.

  14. Sir,open business loan in new firm rural area please information provide.

  15. Dear Mr. Ajeet,

    Yes, You can apply for MUDRA Loan. Please visit your nearest bank branch for MUDRA Loan. We suggest you to apply with project report.

    Best of Luck…


    we are not associated with govt. of India or any agency. Please do not pay anything for Mudra Loan.

  16. I am engaged in Trading Firm of Plywood since last 2 Years and now I Need Fund for my Working Capital. So please tell us whether I am eligible for Loan From under This Scheme.

  17. Sir mene diploma electrical engineering kiya he or ab me apna khud ka production unit start karna chahta hu .me soap and washing powder ka small unit chalu karna chahta hu…… Palanpur gujarat se hu.muje loan ki jaruat he to muje help ki jarurat he.

  18. Hello sir my name is lavkush Yadav I want a open medical agency hence i have required mudra loan . What i am eligible for mudra loan . I m post graduate ? in chemistry / pls suggest me sir from jaunpur Uttar Pradesh

  19. Hello sir main ek new JCB lena chahta hu muje loan mil sakta hai kya????

  20. I want to open a new business and it requires some loan can i get the loan.
    Plz guide me
    Previously i was a salaried person

  21. श्री पाटिल जी नमष्कार,

    पाटिल जी मुद्रा लोन के लिए आपको आपके निकट के बैंक से संपर्क करना होगा| बैंक व वित्तीय संस्थाए ही मुद्रा योजना के अंतर्गत ऋण प्रदान कर रही हैं| अतः आपसे अनुरोध हैं की आपके लिखित प्रस्तावना के साथ आप बैंक प्रबंधक के मिले| अगर आपको लगता हैं की बैंक प्रबंधक या अधिकारी आपसे अनुचित व्यवहार कर रहे हैं तो आप पर भी जाकर मुद्रा ऋण के लिए आवेदन कर सकते हैं| पर हम यही अपील करेंगे की आप वित्तीय संस्थाओ से संपर्क करे|

    अग्रिम शुभकामनाओ सहित,

    आपका ऑनलाइन मित्र

  22. Gardute kiya hai maine to mujhe onian hydrojanic plant open krna hai to uske liye mujhe 2lakh rupiee jarurat hai toh kya aap mujhe loan de sakte ho…
    Add . at . tamaswadi post pilkhid tal chalisgaon dust jalgaon Maharashtra

  23. Sir,
    . i want start a small manufacturing company in kushinagar distic in u.p .pls help me

  24. Yes, Pls visit your nearest bank branch & follow the procedure.

    Best of luck

  25. Me Gujarat ke bhuj taluke se hu me ek self finance primary school open karna he kya muje loan milegi?

  26. I woul like meet branch manager.can i get chennai branch address pls

  27. Yes, visit nearest bank branch.

  28. I have transport /cago company.we need loan that is possible or not. I haven’t ITFile.plz ans me.

  29. Muje mobile charger manufactur ka bussiness karna he…mere pitaji farmer he …mene koi job nahi kiya he..
    Muje mudra loan mil sakta he.
    Agar mil sakta he to muje kya document chahiye…..

  30. Dear Kunal.

    As per the policy you can apply maximum 10 Lakhs under PMJDY Mudra Loan Scheme,

    Best of luck..



  31. Dear Team,

    I would like to know the maximum amount of loan that could be sanction under mudra scheme.


  32. Pls visit your nearest bank branch for mudra loan.

  33. Dear Sir. .
    I am starting a new business regarding sales of mobile and electronic things at my home town in bihar so old can you advise me that how can I available the Mudra loan facilities for expand my busines. .
    Ur regards.
    Rajiv kumar

    Place contact me. I am waiting for Ur call or reply plssss

  34. We suggest you to visit nearest bank branch for it. Banks require your income proof or repay capacity before approval.

    Best of luck.

  35. I wanted mudra loan for goods carrier truck to apply loan which papers are required plz reply

  36. प्रिय संजय,

    बैंक लोन इसी शर्त पर देता हैं की लोन लेने वाला उस लोन को तय समय पर चुकाएगा| अगर लोन लेने वाला व्यक्ति उस लोन को नहीं चूका पा रहा हैं तो बैंक किस प्रकार से और लोन उस व्यक्ति को दे पायेगा| बैंक में जो भी पैसा हैं वो आम जनता का ही हैं| जब भी कभी बैंक का पैसा मारा जाता हैं तो बैंक उस पैसे की भरपाई खाते से लाभांश घटाकर व लोन ऊँची दर पर देकर पूरा करता हैं जिससे हम लोगो का ही नुक्सान होता हैं| अन्य लोन की अपेक्षा मुद्रा लोन ज्यादा संदेहास्पद हैं क्योकि इसमें कोई भी गारंटी नहीं ली जाती जिसके कारण इसके अधिक से अधिक पैसा डूब जाने की आशंका बनी रहती हैं|

    बैंक बहुत से बातो को देखकर ही लोन देता हैं जिसमे से एक यह भी हैं की आपके परिवार में किसी ने लोन डिफ़ॉल्ट तो नहीं किया हैं| यह आपके लोन के लिए एक नकारात्मक तथ्य बनेगा|

    कुछ चीज़े देखने के बाद बैंक इसके बावजूद भी लोन दे देते हैं वो केवल बैंक मेनेजर के विवेक और आपकी प्रोफाइल पर निर्भर करता हैं|

    अग्रिम शुभकामनये

    टीम मुद्रा बैंक डॉट कॉम

  37. Me mudra loan lena chahta hu kya pita ji ke difaltore hone par muje loan nahi diya jayega sir mere pita gg asmarth hai loan clear karne muje bank is bajah se bina garuntty loan nahi de raha hb pls help

  38. Hi Anoop,

    If you are not satisfy with the behaviour of bank staff, Pls write comment on complaint book or write us mail at info @

    Pls note that MUDRA loan is an facility not rights. Banks have right to deny. If someone harassing you for loan or asking bribe. Pls call to vigilance or write us.

    Best of luck..



  39. Most of bank are not giving proper answer when we ask for loan. Bank officer are responding proper way. Even they don’t want to give any loan. They think they are loaning from their pocket. Bank staff should me behave properly

  40. so I replied I will complaint to authority… he told u r a girl u can’t anything more.. I ll answer them.. behaved rudely in front of peoples..

  41. Sir bank manager not providing loan details…..he told already my father had taken mudra loan….
    Kerala 683572

  42. Dear Atul,

    Please visit your nearest Bank branch for more details.

    Best of Luck



  43. I am in Akola district so plz mudra bank available in Akola

  44. How to applying for loan plz send my email.iwant to start small plz answer

  45. Pls share contact/ Bank Branch details of Bank.

  46. But Bank manager told I’m not eligible..and didn’t give application form.. he answered already ur father applied so u r not eligible..again I asked question he behaved badly ..he shouted and scolded me.

  47. But Bank manager told I’m not eligible..and didn’t give application form.. he answered already ur father applied so u r not eligible..again I asked question he behaved badly ..he shouted and scolded me.

  48. Dear Gauri,

    You can apply separately for MUDRA loan.



  49. Sir I have 7 years work experience .nw I am planning to start my own textile business .but my father already applied mudra loan for his painting Contract work. So I’m eligible to apply mudra loan? Is there any rules that from One family One person is eligible like that?

  50. Pls check other links of mudra bank websites to check eligibility..

  51. Wht is eligbelity

  52. this is available in satara district? yes /no
    pls give me information

  53. Dear Sachin,

    The MUDRA scheme is available in entire India. All Nationalise & Rural banks are partner in that scheme. Please visit your nearest Bank branch for more details. Please let us know if you are still facing any issue in MUDRA Loan Process.

    Best of luck..


    info @

  54. I want Tarun finance to construct lodging building in Nagpur, Can you please provide contact detail for Nagpur City. Thanks

  55. Namste i am Rahul Kudecha and i wish to know about how can i get mudra loan and what is the kindely procedure i want to start a new small businesses so plz give me information and suggests right contects whose can help me.

  56. sir,
    how to apply the loans please send me my email
    thanking sir

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