Mudra loan support

Mudra Loan Support
Mudra loan support
Mudra loan support

Mudra loan support

Mudra schemes are the most popular scheme of govt of India. Now crores of people have benefitted from it and several have adverse experiences of it.

Really getting a mudra loan is a big challenge for applicants because it is a collateral-free loan, and it is a big reason for NPA and that the reason banks and institutions are interested to provide Shishu loans only.

Since 2015 mudra bank dot com receiving complaints regarding mudra loans like staff asking for a bribe, banks were not providing form, Banks were not receiving the form, Form submitted but the bank was not responding, we had achieved our targets were common issues which applicant had faced.

We worked on that complaints and shared them all with the concerned bank officials, the Financial inclusion team of Govt. of India, and PMO. We ensured that the bank would accept the application rather than deny it or other excuses.

We are thankful for the FI team of the Finance minister, PMO officials, and Bank who supported us and took immediate action on my complaints. Because of action & response banks had started to accept all applications.

SBI offered online instant e mudra loan

Later, SBI and other banks had started the e-mudra or mudra online kind of schemes where applicants can apply for mudra loans online without approaching the bank branch with the help of few documents like the Aadhaar card, Account Number, and registered mobile number with the branch to get authentication.

SBI e mudra loan process

Under e mudra schemes people were getting instant Mudra loans up to 50,000 instantly and several people had started fraud and applied intentionally to get money and because of that SBI had stopped it for time being.

SBI changed the e-mudra process

Now e mudra scheme has opened again with the double amount with lots of other restrictions like after submission of application, concern bank branch will ensure the KYC & requirement of a person than the amount will disburse in your bank account.
Mudra loan support

Since begging the mudra schemes has totally changed not people are aware of the process and limits but still bank branches are not following the process & denying it.

If you are interested in a mudra loan and need to know how to apply for a mudra loan online and offline. You can visit our website and understand all processes step by step. We will provide you endless support without any charges.

Apart from the SBI other banks also providing online loans like Bank of Baroda, ICICI Bank, Punjab National Bank, Canara Bank, etc. For more information, you can visit the bank’s website.

Before applying for a mudra loan, you should have your exact requirement, hold on to the process, and ROI. It should be mentioned in your detailed project report.

Again we wish to inform you that do not pay anything to anyone for a mudra loan. There are no form fee & the interest charges for mudra loan is different in all bank. No one can reduce your interest because of the standard banking process.

If you are facing any difficulty in the mudra loan process you can mail us at mudrakibaat @ We will help you.

You can write your complaint and experience at info @ We will provide you mudra loan support free of cost.

Where we can complain about mudra bank?

Mudra Bank is a virtual bank that is governed by the SIDBI. SIDBI is not providing any loan directly, only banks and financial institutions are authorized to disburse mudra loans.
For mudra bank/ Mudra loan complaints, you can write directly to bank officials or us mudra loan support. Which is free for all

Bank is not providing mudra form.

If a bank is not providing you mudra loan form. You can download it from the website or ask the bank manager to provide the complaint book and submit your concern there with your full details and mobile number.

As per the RBI guideline, the bank has to provide it to the person either he is a bank customer or not.

Bank is not accepting Mudra loan form.

We wish to update that the bank manager can’t deny to accept your application. He has to submit his report before deny to officials.

Bank has rights to deny loan but not application. They have to process it at any cost. If they are denying, ask for complaint book or write us or bank officials directly.

We have achieved our targets

We wish to update that there is no targets of branch in case of mudra loan. If bank is denying, write your complaint in complaint book with your details.

Or you can write us at info @ with bank branch details & your contact.